Producing Oleaginous Microorganisms Using Wastewater: Methods and Guidelines for Lab- and Industrial-Scale Production


Cultivation of oleaginous microorganisms on wastewater provides alternative biofuel options while also acting as a remediation technique for alternative wastewater treatment. This chapter describes guidelines and methods for the production of oleaginous microorganisms—with a focus on microalgae—using wastewater as a growth medium while considering a variety of general challenges for both lab- and industrial-scale production. Cultivation techniques described here range in scale from microplates with 10-mL working volumes, up to multigallon, industrial-scale microorganism cultivation, with a focus on microalgae. This chapter includes guidelines for the preparation of wastewater and selection of oleaginous microorganisms combined with methods for the production of oleaginous microorganisms cultivated using wastewater.

In Microbial Lipid Production