wastewater treatment

Chapter 12: Carrots

Carrot (Daucus carota) is an important food crop utilized worldwide and its production is associated with byproducts such as culled carrots and carrot waste (i.e., carrot pomace). A variety of technologies aimed at adding value to the byproducts or …

Producing Oleaginous Microorganisms Using Wastewater: Methods and Guidelines for Lab- and Industrial-Scale Production

Cultivation of oleaginous microorganisms on wastewater provides alternative biofuel options while also acting as a remediation technique for alternative wastewater treatment. This chapter describes guidelines and methods for the production of …

Algae Production from Wastewater

Cultivation of microalgae on wastewater for biofuel and bioproduct development

Dairy Manure Methane Mitigation and Healthy Soils

Economic and technical performance analyses of greenhouse gas reducing technologies for California dairy farms

Integrated Processing Technologies for Food and Agricultural By-Products

Investigation of integrated technologies for the upgrading of agricultural by-products.